RNP instrument approach system published

The new digital instrument approach systems enable Sodankylä airport to transition to continuous round-the-clock flight operations. In this way, different types of aircraft can use the Sodankylä airport all year round, even in poor weather conditions.



RNP instrument approach prosedures new puplication date in the AIP manual is 26 JAN 2023

EFSO RNP instrument approach prosedures new puplication date is 26 JAN 2023 due to Fintraffic Oy busy situation.


Instrument approach procedures RNP

Released in 06 Oct 2022

Enables flight operations in poor weather conditions. 

The GPS-based approach system requires no ground equipment and reduces the number of sites to be built and maintained in the field area.

Enables tourism and charter operations, as well as year-round use of state aviation at the airport.



The radio mandatory zone will be released in May 2022

Increase flight safety in the airport's nearby airspace, with pilots announcing their intentions to other air traffic on the aeronautical radio.


Solar Energy

Carbon neutral energy source for the airport environment

Self-sufficient energy source for e-aviation.

Utilizes the airport area to produce solar electricity.

The aim is to utilize solar energy for the airport's and the aircraft's own consumption and to sell the surplus to the grid to the energy community.

In addition to the airport, support the municipal sector in achieving its targets for reducing CO2 emissions towards carbon-neutral infrastructure.

Utilizes the ability of recyclable solar-powered batteries to act as a backup power system at the airport.

To act as a research environment for the utilization of solar energy in the Arctic region.